Sunday, May 14, 2017

'Meerut Military Cemetery, Boulogne St. James, France' - by K.J.S.Chatrath

For a dear friend who is a stone art expert.This photo was taken at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery in Boulogne, near Calais in France.

I had gone there to visit and pay my homage to  318 Indian and Nepalese soldiers and non-combatants who died around that area defending France during the World War-I. They lie buried/commemorated in  the Meerut Military Cemetery in Boulogne St. James waiting for over a hundred years for their fellow Indians to come and visit them.

Sadly, the people of that French town, where this cemetery is located do not remember the sacrifices made by these brave Indians.

My book on Indian & Nepalese brave hearts of  Meerut Military Cemetery, Boulogne St. James, France.  is coming out shortly.

Jai Hind!