Monday, January 16, 2017

'Today is O.P. Nayyar's birthday' - by K.J.S.Chatrath

Today is O P Nayyar's birthday. His music is incomparable and lives on. 

Nayyar Sahib had the rare gift of making a lilting tune out of the most banal of lyrics.
Here is another interesting one from O.P. Nayyar. The lyrics are partly Panjabi (Ukkad dukkad bamba bow, asee nabay pura sau). See and hear the music which he wove around it....Do try to listen to the wordings.....This is from 1960 film 'Basant' starring Shammi Kapur & Nutan. The film had got into censor trouble because of the wordings of a number of songs....These are the partly changed wordings.

Here is another song with the lyrics saying "Hongkong, China Mina Singapore...   ..." . And look what he made out of it. Compliments to Asha Bhosle ji too. Listen...   ...    

Song ‘Piya, O Piya...’ from Phagun. O. P. Nayyar’s music, Asha Bhosle’s voice and picturised on Madhubala- what more can one ask for! 

This is a homage to O. P. Nayyar - whose death anniversary falls on January 28. He died in 2007.-

 For fans of O.P.Nayyar....

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