Sunday, June 16, 2019

'Explosive Chris Gayle is not taking any sides- or chances' - by K J S Chatrath

'Explosive' Chris Gayle is not taking any sides- or chances!

'Some good news to smile....' - by K J S Chatrath

It does not happen very often. But it did this morning. The day started with two good news in the newspaper:

First that Indian Railways have decided to drop its bizarre plan of providing facility of head and foot massage in trains. But creativity is really at work in the railways. Another news informs that free ORS packages would be distributed amongst rail passengers at two stations in Madhya Pradesh in order to help the passengers tackle heat. One sincerely hopes that Railways have factored in the possibility of huge crowd surges on these two stations with huge crowdswanting to have their packets of ORS!

The second good news is more localised but none the less relates to heat again. Weather forecast has informed of approaching rain showers for three days in the Tricity (Chandigarh-Panchkula-Mohali) starting tomorrow.

And there may be a third good news also- India hopefully wins today's cricket match. One prays that the rain Gods spare the cricket ground in UK for today so that the match is played and the better team (India, naturally!) wins!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

' Respectful salute to the martyrs of CRPF' - by K J S Chatrath

 Jai Hind

Respectful salute to the following martyrs of CRPF who sacrificed their lives in Anantnag, J&K yesterday safeguarding the unity and integrity of India.

1. ASI Ramesh Kumar, resident of Jhajjar, Haryana
2. ASI Nirod Sarma, resident of Nalbari, Assam
3. CT Satendra Kumar resident of Muzaffarnagar UP
4. CT Mahesh Kr Kushwaha,resident of Gazipur UP
5. CT Sandeep Yadav, resident of Dewas MP



Saturday, June 8, 2019

'Massaging in Indian Railways - Some Administrative issues' - by K J S Chatrath

Oldies like me still remember Johny  Walker singing Maalish, Tel Maalish, Champi in Guru Dutt's classic 'Pyasa':

And now we have a news that railways are going to introduce massage in its train. First I mis-read it as 'message' and thought that now there would be good Wi-Fi connectivity in the trains.

But alas no. It is about 'head' massage and 'foot' massage.

Planning is about setting your priorities. Though I am a great admirer of Indian Railways (IR), but I do not quite understand their priorities. What are railways for? For transporting people (and goods)  from one station to another. So obviously what is important is the railway journey and not the five or ten minutes that one may be spending on the railways stations. But sadly, IR thinks otherwise. It wants to make the railways stations look like airports even if for doing this it has to take financial and technical help from foreign countries.

And as if this were not enough, they are starting masssage services.  May be they  think that some people who go to some foreign countries to get 'massage' done would now flock to the trains of IR instead.

They are planning to monetize these services and hope to earn about Rs. 20 lakhs per year from this.

For this 3-5 masseurs would be provided in each train. Of course I have some doubts:

(i) Would a cadre of 'masseurs' be introduced  in the already bloated manpower of the railways?

(ii) Since one can not discriminate on the basis of sex, so the same service will have to be provided to interested lady passengers too. So there would be a seperate cadre of 'Lady Masseurs' too?

(iii) Would they be sporting a seperate uniform?

(iv) Recruitment Rules will have to be put in place for these two cadres;

(v) Would Railway Board conduct the recruitment exams or a separate organisation be set up for that?

(vi) Would the recruitment process also include a demonstration of massaging skills by the candidates? 

(vii) Would there be a separate set of Conduct Rules for  masseurs;

(viii) Would a centralized Training Institute be set up to train them?

(ix) Would they be sent abroad to study methods of massaging in various countries.
(x) What would be the promotional avenues for these cadres- posts of 'Head Masseurs' and 'Principal Head Masseurs'?

(xi) Who would write the annual confidential reports of these personnel- persons who avail of this service or the TTE?

(xii) Would they be entitled to pensionry benefits and yearly bonus?

(xiii) Would the massaging facilities be provided in all classes (Imagine passengers in Shatabadi trains getting massaging in full view of the 70 passengers of the coach 😆?)

I am sure I have missed out  quite a few problem areas.

My Take:

(i) Please improve the level of cleanliness in the railways instead of coming out with such original schemes. 

(ii) Mandate of the railways is NOT to provide massaging facilities but to efficiently transport people and goods.

'New Navy Chief suggests simplicity in functions & protocol' - by Manu Pabby ET

In first address, Navy Chief launches all-out attack on VIP culture
New Navy chief advocates for regulations on ceremonial practices to cut down on wasteful expenditure....By Manu Pubby

So very refreshing.

'In praise of beauty' - by K J S Chatrath

Today I was thumbing through an old 2006 issue of Time Newsmagazine and was happy to find the photo of one of my favourite actresses- Charlize Theron....

If you don't know who she is, then I will only say 'What a pity'!

Friday, June 7, 2019

'Respectful salute to rafter who died saving two tourists in Kashmir' - by K J S Chatrath

                                                                                              (Photo source: internet)

Respectful salute to late Rouf Ahmad Dar who lost his life saving 2 tourists in Kashmir.

Jai Hind!