Friday, October 7, 2016

'Reading old newspapers & periodicals' by K.J.S.Chatrath

When the issue is of travelling, I do not let my age come in the way. Otherwise I am like any other 73+. I love to read my daily newspapers and periodicals in peace and quiet sipping tea intermittently.

However when I come back after travelling, I find a pile of newspapers and a bundle of periodicals. No, I don't throw these away without reading. I put them chronologically, putting the oldest at the top, and read a few daily- how very Senior Citizenish! I must concede that I have never succeeded in making my newspaper and periodical reading up to date as there are always bundles to be read, tasted and enjoyed.

Yes, I enjoy this exercise as I find some hidden gems which otherwise I might have missed in daily hurry.

Today I was thumbing through an old issue (March 14, 2011) of the Outlook magazine, and I look what I found - an unusual and very cute photo of respected Baba Ramdev Ji: