Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Another great one from The New Yorker' - K.J.S.Chatrath

Source: The New Yorker, October 6, 2014. 

'Half a century ago in Mussoorie'- by K.J.S.Chatrath

I joined the IAS in 1967. Shortly we are going to have a get-together of all the batchmates from all over India. We have been asked to look out our dusty cupboards and fish out old photographs taken in 1967.

This is what I have located. It was taken on the Christmas Eve in December 1967 in the National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie.

We are (left to right) Ashok Kapur, O.S.Chauhan, me K.J.S.Chatrath, late Munish Satyawadi, Srinivasan Prabhakaran, Ashok Pradhan and a bit of Lalmanzuela.