Sunday, May 31, 2015

'Postal Department's salutation to Indian Cinema' by K.J.S.Chatrath

Here are a series of postage stamps brought out by the Postal Department a few years back to honour the achievements of Indian cinema during the last 100 years.

Take a look:

I may be forgiven for giving more space to my favourites- Madhubala and O.P.Nayyar:

Saturday, May 30, 2015

No IAS officer should be given extension/re employment/or given any assignment after retirement by K.J.S.Chatrath

I wish the Pay Commission adds in its Recommendations that "No IAS officer shall be given extension/re employment/or given any assignment by GOI, any State Govt. or any of the PSUs or Organisations after retirement".

In my view such extensions/assignments etc tempt some of the officers to work towards this end while in service, besides demoralising younger officers...So when such officers are asked to bend, they do not take a stand but bend. And later on,after the expiry of the extended tenure/assignment complain of political interference.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

"When all is said and done, more is said than done".....

"When all is said and done, more is said than done"- Arun Shourie quoted in The Economist dt 23rd May, 2015

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Free power for cows in Punjab (news)

Blessed bovine: Free power for cows in Punjab (news)

‘......Already having floated several schemes for "welfare of cows" - including setting up of 25-acre state-run gaushala in each district – Punjab government has now decided to provide free electricity to all 472 gaushalas functional in Punjab. The decision would 'benefit' around 2.69 lakh cows in these gaushalas.....’

O Balle...Balle ji (Bravo)

'Take a honest & firm stand on issues today and don't complain of political interference tomorrow'- by K.J.S.Chatrath .

The trouble is that when asked to bend, some of the bureaucrats don't take a firm stand but bend. Subsequently they complain of political interference!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

'Over 1,200 dead as heatwave intensifies (news)...Health Minsiter in Geneva' by K.J.S.Chatrath

Over 1,200 dead as heatwave intensifies (news)

Here is a verbatim extract from this news item:

“...This year, the heatwave condition is unprecedented and there has been a large number of deaths. The Health Ministry is likely to come up with an advisory soon for all the states and common people,” a senior Health Ministry official said.

Health Minister JP Nadda who is presently attending the World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva also spoke over phone to the Union Health Secretary today and took stock of the situation especially in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.

“He also directed the Secretary to talk to respective state Secretaries of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and provide them with all help and medical aid, if there is a need,” the senior official said..."

Am I criticizing the Hon'ble Minister for being in Geneva?

No, Sir, he is in Geneva attending important World Health Assembly Meeting.

I am only envying him!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mr. Yash Birla

This is about Mr.Yash Birla.

No, no....Not about his problem with the Swiss Tax Authorities.

It relates to his dress sense.

If I were ever to be consulted, I would never approve of his sartorial choices... ....

But then I am 72+ and therefore my dress sense is bound to be different from young Mr. Birla's.

This is what generation(s) gap is all about, No?

'15 year old village girl from Ludhiana is World Junior Boxing Champ' by K.J.S.Chatrath

15-year-old Mandeep Kaur Sandhu wins two gold medals at World Junior Boxing Championship at Teipei: (news)

She belongs to Chakkar village of Ludhiana and her father is a farmer. She is studying in Class XII in Government Senior Secondary School of the village.

The village Chakkar has fixed a cash award of Rs.50 lakhs for anyone winning gold at the Olympics, Rs. 30 lakhs for silver, Rs 20 lakhs for bronze and Rs. 10 lakhs for participating in the Olympics.

Balle Balle Chakkar! (Bravo)

O Balle Balle Biba Mandeep ji! (Bravo)

'Now thats a role model! by K.J.S.Chatrath

Harman Singh-who removed his turban to help an injured boy in Auckland, New Zealand.

Selfless Sikh praised worldwide;

O Balle-Balle ji! (Bravo)

'Dawyne Johnson clicks 105 selfies in 3 minutes..' - So supremely silly !

Photo by Jerry Avenaim (Wikipedia)
Dawyne Johnson (American Canadian Actor/wrestler) clicks 105 selfies in 3 minutes, sets Guinness World Record (news)

So supremely silly!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

'Old bureaucratic habits die hard' by K.J.S.Chatrath

Since 'return of the Amma' is the news of the day, the old bureaucrat in me dusted the old files, untied the red tape of the relevant file and brought out a post which I had put up on this blog on 13th July 2013. Take a look:

Wishing a respectful 'Vannakam' to the cut-out of Amma at the Marina beach, Chennai.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

'Proud to be an Indian' by K.J.S.Chatrath

I am proud to be an Indian and have been so throughout the 72 years of my life.

Mera Bharat Mahaan!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

PM Modi Should Be Supported, Says Infosys Co-Founder Narayana Murthy

PM Modi Should Be Supported, Says Infosys Co-Founder Narayana Murthy (news).

If Mr. Narayan Murty says so, then one has to sit up and give it a serious consideration.

Good days (achhay din) are almost round the corner

Good days (achhay din) are almost round the corner....Service Tax would be increased from the present 12.35% to 14 % wef 1st June, 2015.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

‘Shakespeare: writer claims discovery of only portrait made during his lifetime’ by Mark Brown

The face, thought to be that of William Shakespeare, as featured in the Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes, written in 1598. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

The traditional sketch of Shakespeare

‘Shakespeare: writer claims discovery of only portrait made during his lifetime’ by Mark Brown: Pleasse click at the following link to read the article by Mark Brown:

'Aruna Shanbaug- R.I.P.' by K.J.S.Chatrath

Aruna Shanbaug- R.I.P.

Btw what happened to the monster who had raped her?

One believes that he got scott free......

Sunday, May 17, 2015

'Do something for needy human beings too, please!' by K.J.S.Chatrath

NDRI Livestock Research Centre in-charge Dr SS Lathwal shows a chip to monitor the voice of cows at Karnal. Photo: Ravi Kumar

‘Much in moo: Chip to check cow’s health’ by Parveen Arora.; Acoustic sensing: A chip tied around the neck of an animal will record information about its voice, including pitch, amplitude, energy, resonance frequency etc....It will then relay the information to a computer that will monitor the data and analyse it using an algorithm, thus keeping track of the health of the animal...

Bravo! Do something for needy human beings too, please!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Baisakhi procession at Surrey- Canada...Oye Balle Balle ji

Baisakhi procession at Surrey- Canada.

Sikhs compose 45% of the population in Surrey.

Oye Balle Balle ji.....

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

'Papa, Pappu & seeing the world' by K.J.S.Chatrath

Pappu: Papa, Papa.

Papa: Yes Pappu.

Pappu: I want to see the world. What should I become when I grow up?

Papa: Join the Indian Foreign Service.

Pappu: Why not try to become the Prime Minister? That way I can serve my nation and also see the world?

Papa: Go finish your homework Pappu.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

9 girls out of top ten toppers - O-Balle-Balle ji...

9 out of the top 10 in the Punjab High School Board results just declared are girls.
O-Balle-Balle ji...

Sunday, May 10, 2015

'This is outside your mandate Mr. Comptroller & Auditor General, Sir!' by K.J.S.Chatrath

‘Army’s ammo won’t last 10 days if there’s war: CAG’ (

If true, then this is of course a very worrying matter. As per our structure, this needs to be looked into by the Chief of Army Staff, the Defence Ministry, the Defence Minister, Cabinet Sub-Commiittee on Defence, if there is one, Parliamentary Consultative Commiittee of Defence Ministry, the Union Cabinet, the Parliament and by the Supreme Commander of the Defence Forces- the President of India.

By trying to take on a role which is far removed from accounting and auditing, the Comptrolleer and Auditor General is only embarrassing all.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ma tujhe salaam... ....

Ma tujhe salaam

"Comptroller & Auditor General is not a technical expert/body" by K.J.S.Chatrath

“Criiticising the indigenous Light Combat Aircraft Tejas, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) said the under-development plane has ‘shortfalls’ with limited ‘operational capabilities’ and is ‘overweight’ with issues of its survivability....”.

Incidentally a 'comptroller' is a management level position responsible for supervising the quality of accounting and financial reporting of an organization and an 'auditor' is a person appointed and authorized to examine accounts and accounting records, compare the charges with the vouchers, verify balance sheet and income items, and state the results.

The current incumbent of the post of CAG may have had invaluable experience of working as Secretary Defence & Secretary Defence Production, but one feels that it would not be correct to assume that the mandate of the of the CAG is to do a technical evaluation of aircrafts. One would suggest, with utmost respect to this Consitutional Authority to let a committee of technical experts be appointed to look into the technical aspects if considered necessary by the Government or the Parliment and CAG limit his advice to his core responsibilities-accounting and auditing matters.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

'Indian management gurus and some smarty jargon' by K.J.S.Chatrath

Recently I read an article in The Economist* Schumpeter/Twilight of the Gurus. It begins by explaining in quite simple and pointed terms that the past two decades have been driven by two major economic changes- the rise of the developing world and the digital revolution.

I smiled in approval on going through the portion which makes a complimentary reference to ‘the ascent of a remarkable group of Indian management theorists, most notably C.K. Prahalad (who died in 2010). They focused on subjects such as the buying power of the developing country consumers, the virtues of frugal products and the difficulties of doing business in places with poor infrastructure and weak institutions.” And as if this was not enough to gladden my heart, the article goes on to say that ‘the list of business schools with Indian–born deans, includes those of Harvard, Cornell and Chicago universities.’

The article ends by raising an interesting point- there are still no Chinese management gurus to challenge the leadership of the ageing Indian establishment. It did leave me a trifle confused- China is doing better than India in the economic sphere but the Indian management gurus are better than their Chinese counterparts. ....

By the way, this one page article also provided me with a stomach full of smarty jargon, of the type that reminds one of the IMF-World Bank experts. Here are a few gems: 'The end of competitive advantage’, ‘hyper competition’, ‘the attackers advantage’, ‘disruptive innovation’ and ‘thought leadership’.

Monday, May 4, 2015

'Breakthrough in storage and portability of solar power' by K.J.S.Chatrath

Storage and portability have been the two major problems in harnessing the abundant solar energy.

I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of these having been sorted out, as claimed by 'Tesla'.

Just imagine the implications for a country like India with clear sunshine days almost throughout the year.

'The ideas of Mr. Kailash Satyarthi on child labour' by K.J.S.Chatrath

I had never heard of Mr. Kailash Satyarthi till the news of him having been awarded the Nobel Prize came. Then I tried to find out what wonderful work this extraordinary man had done to deserve this honour. I am still trying....

The editorial page of today’s Times of India, now grandly renamed as ‘The Times of Ideas’, carries an article ‘No Half Measures Please’ by Mr. Satyarthi on child labour. For those who have not read this article, I reproduce below some of the ideas of Mr. Satyarthi in this aricle:

“There exists a vicious circle between poverty, illiteracy and child labour. Child labour and poverty have a chicken-and-egg relationship….
This slippery slope continues unabated till one such child is imparted education. It is a well-researched, but often ignored fact that child labour perpetuates poverty…

The government must take effective measures to give all children an education that enhances their employability, entrepreneurship and ethics….

We as a country must invest in imparting skill-based education to our youth. This will go a long way in ensuring that the vision…to harness the demographic dividend of India is fully realised.”

On first reading these appeared to me to be just hackneyed, worn out clich├ęs. But may be these carry some strong serious meaning which I am unable to decipher.

Saturday, May 2, 2015